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of a Prestigious Standard


We work closely with you to establish the best possible use of your kitchens or bathrooms space. We will come to you to do a full assessment of the space and discuss your requirements as part of our consultation.


All of our kitchen and bathroom design uses the very latest in modern styles and trends. We work with the best of suppliers, of which you can choose from and we will work with you to create the kitchen or bathroom you desire.


Our skilled team of specialist kitchen and bathroom installers will install your beautiful kitchen or bathroom from the highest quality materials, whilst utilising the very latest techniques.

Why do we Call Ourselves "Prestige"?

A "widespread respect and admiration" is how the dictionary describes the word "prestige" and we know that our customers perceive, not just the kitchens or bathrooms, but our customer service in this way as well, based on the outstanding feedback and continuous referrals that we receive.

Every project is treated with absolute care and precision, with full regard for our customer throughout every step of the process, resulting in a beautiful result that our customers are completely happy with.

Prestige kitchens. Prestige bathrooms. Prestige service.

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What Our Customers Say

"Excellent work. Kept me up to date as to what they were doing and why and really went the extra mile for us. Will definitely use again!"


" Very thorough and professional, taking their time to ensure it was done properly."


"Very highly recommended 5 star service."


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